Salzburg Associations

In Austria the major organisations of employers and employees are, together with the political parties, at the centre of political power. The main protagonists in Salzburg regional politics are the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Agriculture on the side of the employers, the Chamber for Workers and Employees and the Chamber of Agricultural Workers on the side of the employees, as well as from the spheres of the associations of the Austrian Trades Union Alliance and the Association of Austrian Industrialists. The Salzburg Municipal Association and the Salzburg regional group of the Austrian Confederation of Towns represent the interests of the municipalities.

As society and the state develop towards a service-industry-oriented society in which the free professions especially are showing particularly strong development, about 50 smaller chambers are assuming an ever more important function. These include the Chamber of Medical Doctors as negotiating partners with the social security institutions, the chambers of lawyers and solicitors, the chamber of engineers, and the chamber of chartered accountants.