The Regional Government in Salzburg

The regional government is the highest executive institution in the Land Salzburg. In Salzburg it is constituted by the State President (Landeshauptmann), two deputy-presidents and four further members of the regional government (Landesräte). The president is the chairperson of the regional government and presides over its meetings. As a rule, government decisions are only taken unanimously. The president represents the land externally and heads his own department, he is the president of the office of the regional government, and president of the regional educational council. In the functions as bearer of indirect federal administration and as president of the regional educational council, duties are delegated to individual members of the government or to the incumbent president.

Parties do not have an automatic claim to be represented in the regional government after the result of elections. According to the regional constitution the government can be freely formed, whereby after an election the party with the highest number of votes invites others to participate in negotiations about forming a government. Members of the government are elected by the Regional Assembly for the legislative period. They do not have to belong to the Regional Assembly but must be eligible for election to the Regional Assembly.

As the highest executive institution in the land the regional government is in overall charge in many areas of specialist work. This is evident in many bills proposed by the regional government to be passed as laws, in reports, in the annual budget or in the annual closing of accounts.